Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regulations of Upnishad Classes

(1) Admission of the student who does not pay the fee on time will be canceled and the fee paid will not be refunded.

(2) Only the student who pays the full fee will get the pamphlet or other literature of the institute. He will not receive the pamphlet until the fee is due.

(3) Fees paid by one student cannot be transferred to another student's fees.

(4) For all the students the monthly installment in each standard will be Min. of Rs. 3500.

(5) Identity card is required for admission in the class. If the identity card is lost, the student has to pay Rs. 50. A new identity card will have to be issued.

(6) The parent will have to read and sign the progress report of the student in the class.

(7) Since it is our goal that the student can take the best advantage of the institution, the student has to maintain peace in the class and follow the discipline.

(8) The student bringing the vehicle shall park the vehicle at the designated place. The organization will have no responsibility for that. Don't argue with Watchmen about leaving the vehicle.

(9) Students must attend class regularly. Admission to the class will not be granted five minutes after the commencement of the class so the student should come only five minutes before the commencement of the class.

(10) At the time of entering or leaving the institute and while going up and down the stairs, the student has to come and go very quietly and no discipline will be exercised in this regard, otherwise the admission will be canceled.

(11) Student should not use the lift of the complex.

(12) The institution shall not have any responsibility of the student outside the classroom.

(13) The decision of the Owner regarding any contentious matter shall be final and shall be binding on all.

I have read all the above rules and all these rules are valid.

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